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Product Training

Get Familiar with the Latest Advanced Tools/Machines

In the consumer and retail markets, understanding the product and its features for its effective use by its users is one of the most important thing. RUC Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides Product Training to its partners/client to increase their knowledge about the machine, tools/solutions.

We help them to understand the product/solutions, its limit, effective use to get maximum benefit. Effect training also help our client’s employees to increase knowledge which adds value to their company.

Key benefits of training:

  • Increases Knowledge and skill of employees who add value to your company
  • Information/solution to address to a particular problem or concern
  • It Enhances competitiveness in today’s fast and evolving market
Advantage from Us
  • Authorized partner of many multinational brands in this sector
  • Skilled Engineering & Training team
  • Training with collaboration with product manufacturer
  • We have multiple branches throughout West Bengal


you know what we offer

RUC Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides technical consultation for Industrial Civil and Mechanical Projects with a clear understanding of the client’s needs and wants.

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Application of Anchor Fastener

RUCISPL offers qualitative Anchor Fastner solutions for rebar fixing applications and rod fixing for structural connections for wet and submerged conditions.

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After Sales Service

RUCISPL has always given priority to customer satisfaction as a result today we are Authorized Service Center of many Multi-National Brands including BOSCH, Panasonic.

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We believe users who are more visual/hands-on learners often need to see the product in action to fully grasp its potential. It helps user to know the tools/machine, understand its efficiency.

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Technical Seminars

To stay tuned with the changing & fast-growing technologies we RUCISPL marshals technical seminars. Our aim is to bring out the benefits of the products to maximize End user’s knowledge.

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Wooden Frame Fixing

Keeping in mind of the demand, RUC Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers qualitative wooden frame fixing solutions to fulfil client's requirement in every aspect.

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